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About Me

Since 1991, I have aimed to help my clients work through the obstacles in their organisations and through the application of technology optimise part of their operations. This through software development, project management and business analysis, as part of large organisations in the UK where I cut my teeth and my own business in Gibraltar since 2000.

Away from the professional I have been involved in the development of the Young Enterprise Scheme in Gibraltar bringing a different outlook to students and an opportunity for personal development which academia alone cannot provide. In turn lucky enough to see wthe potential of our young people unravel. 

In sport I have been fortunate to be involved at the highest levels of football from the moment Gibraltar joined UEFA and FIFA liaising with UEFA and European clubs such as Slovan Bratislava through the club I was with, on Europa League ties.

2017 was a time to take stock and ask the what?

It is time that I pay back all the experiences and lessons learnt to the community be it helping the professional/business community, youth development or nascent football world in Gibraltar.

This I continue to do  through the challenges that invigorate and re-energise my determination.

This led to a venture in technology, This is/was vehicle to apply my expertise and experience in technology.

Together with Youth Worker training program which allowed me to apply directly to our future... our youth.

Honoured to be  Vice President of the Gibraltar Football Association elected by the clubs to serve football in benefit of all levels and genders for four yours before taking a full time role as Director of Operations to assist the new General Secretary to Manage Change.

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Tech  :  Future  : Community

Appropriate Application of technology

Whether it is the research of a new technology to optimise its practical application or the process management of an implementation project to ensure successful outcome. I will apply methodical processes whilst at the same time looking outside the box for innovation with minimum risk. At present I am unraveling the reality from the hype of Distributed Ledger Technology.

Youth Development and social enterprise

Our youth are the most important resource our community have. If we want to secure the future of our our generation and future generations, then invest in our youth. They are the most enlightened, aware and dynamic, however this is often held back in a vault of potential which needs to be facilitated out. We have the means and responsibility to contribute to this.

Team work and community

Despite the obvious competitive nature of football we all love, it is also the epitemy of teamwork at all levels.

Mostly players are aware that they must work as a team on the field but this does not always manifest naturally and must be coached. Off the field likewise the grownups need to look in and see how to best develop the sport in the interest of the young up and coming, the clubs, the community and their nation.

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Autonomous Responsibility

Think as an individual and work for the community

“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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