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Imagine If


"Imagine if" were two words that preceded many a childish utterance from my eldest son when he was young. Despite a fathers efforts to pay some attention to your child's off the wall comments, one invariably explains why this cannot be and off to my next task. However very often maybe later in the day the seed of the thought would lurk into my mind and my adult mind would try to re-frame it in a current context. He doesn't use these words as often any more which is symptomatic of maturity, our education system or our life environment as a whole, which is unfortunate.


This section is my small attempt at collecting leftfield concepts and not so leftfield ones with potential for real application if we allow ourselves to look outside the box and the strength of will to swim against the tide when it is much easier to go with the flow.

                                                                                                                                                                               Ian Torrilla

Rise and Set

The rising and the setting of a persons life are arguably the most important.


The rise because new in the world not knowing how things work a person must learn, adapt and is arguably vulnerable. It is often said that what a child learns in the those very formative years will define them for the rest of their life. I dont think it defines them but it certainly creates the foundations on which a person will build the rest of their lives. Past those immediate formative years it is also important that people are channeled so that they can develop strong buildings from the those foundations through their teens. So if this is so critical for the rest of the lives and the rest of the lives impacts on the rest of humanity, why dont we focus much more time, resources to this.

Whatever happens through the rest of a persons life we are all rightly told to respect our elders. Whatever they have done through their lives and whatever they have done through their lives it is rare not to feel that our elders should be comfortable and live the twilight of their years comfortably. Most will have contributed positively to the rest of the community and those who havent invariably regret they havent and can still offer wise advise for the rest of the community.

Our society should there investment heavily on all activities involving 0 to 21 years, in order to help shape people to contribute positively for the rest of their adult lives, whether it is to their family, colleagues, community. Likewise our society should invest heavily on people of ages 65 onwards in order to ensure they spend the final years of their lives satisfied that their positive contribution is valued and rewarded.

In between let them fend for themselves. By this I do not mean dog eat dog. The point of investing in the rise period is to make improvements in society, whether it is crime, environment, community, between countries, care of the vulnerable. The aim of the rise investment is to make the world more self sufficient and less reliant on government between 21 and 65.

Central government of whatever shape will always need to take some care of the vulnerable through their lifetime where collective support is beneficial.

We all know what we should be teaching our young people, and this is not brainwashing or controlling, its completely the opposite this investment in rise should be based totally on free will, as this is what the community will be reliant on from people after their 21. Inspire, educate, motivate, encourage up to 21 on the basis of free will, so that this free will afford them the motivation and to ensure that only good is done, that each person will develop into the best version of themselves and save massively in resources usually required to suppress, correct, rebuild and support society because of its own inadequacies.

Autonomous Responsibility

Imagine If you never have to be pushed into doing anything and that no one suffers because of your inaction. This is the basis of autonomous responsibility. This can apply with friends, family and the workplace.

It is at work where this can be transformational and the key component to a shift in the work paradigm. Everyone has a role and a responsibility. Once defined and trained it is your responsibility to ensure that you fulfill your role within the team, chain or other organisational structure. You may do it better or worse and here continued guidance and training is essential. You are your own boss, everyone is their own boss. As long you hold true to the ethos of autonomous responsibility the rest is a question of defining and agreeing what everyone's role is within an organisation or group and each of the components (members of staff/team) to undertake their role with ultimate responsibility to all around and depending on you, autonomously. This requires a shift in the management practices, the manage is managing the process not the person, that would be manipulation. The managers responsibility is now to structure, resource, organise and motivate the components of the process, not brow beat anyone into achieving or completing a task.

No More Than Ten

Imagine If teachers had the right time to give to every child within its care in a classroom, be it the disruptive child or the excelling child.

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